Soil, Plant and Water Analysis


Focused on quality analysis we strive to give clients the best results in the shortest timeframe possible

  • Physical analyses – setting us apart from any other laboratory’s in South-Africa, we specialise in the analyses of soil physical properties, analysing properties such as the saturation point, drained upper limit, lower limit, bulk density, salinity, sodicity and soil textures by using international approved methods to which all other methods get calibrated.
  • Chemical analyses – analysing all micro and macro elements with general industry known methods as well as uncommonly used methods that other industries might require.

Having a chemical engineer as the managing director and in charge of the laboratory gives us the ability to easily adapt to new processes and doing the necessary research to make sure the client gets what they require.

Water analysis – Analysing water quality is of utmost importance, irrigation water brings salts into your system irrespective of the quality of the water, the only difference is the time it takes before affecting your crop and yields if you do not have adequate drainage.

Plant analysis - knowing how your plant reacts to the soil status can help to optimise yields within the season

. We strive to perform these duties to the highest of standards by bringing in additional quality control methods above SANNAS and Agrilasa requirements.